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Purple Shades Re:Woosha 1 week 1 day ago #29

Purple Shades
Need a coaching mentor who has excelled at dropping under performing players. The most disappointing thing this season is we continue to play under performing experienced players when a kid could come in and do a similar job while learning and growing.
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jezzaargh Re:Woosha 1 week 1 day ago #30

I want to hear more about Eggy’s sliver bullets, and less about bears...
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fradonjan Woosha 1 week 19 hours ago #31

JL in todays paper ,is open to talking about Woosha as a mentor.
He says it has not come up in any official talks .
"it is something we would have to talk about"
"I have worked with John before and have got great respect for him as a coach and as a mentor,It is not something we have spoken about internally as yet"(as yet ,means it will happen ?)
"There are clearly going to be a lot of reductions in the soft cap next year.We will have to work through all of those situations and see where it falls."
"It is always great to have some experience around and having a mentor like that would be something we would look at."
Well if that is not a rubber stamp then i don't know what is
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shane Woosha 1 week 19 hours ago #32

Thanks for clarifying that you don't know what a rubber stamp is.
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hypen Woosha 1 week 18 hours ago #33

My inside information is the rubber stamp has been procured, that bit in fact went well. But we've had a set back getting the ink in on time. Delivery date is TBA.
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The_Yeti, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

shane Woosha 1 week 18 hours ago #34

The stamp is now a contactless digital signature.
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fradonjan Woosha 1 week 18 hours ago #35

So your saying the coach going public,is h----t.
Him saying that is no stamp of approval?
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DS Woosha 1 week 18 hours ago #36

Correct. That is PR speak.
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Corporal Agarn Woosha 1 week 18 hours ago #37

Corporal Agarn
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rogerrocks Woosha 1 week 13 hours ago #38

If he needs a mentor, why not Ric Charlesworth? He's been around a while, and has played and coached sport at an elite level.
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Truthproject Woosha 1 week 10 hours ago #39

Mentor is a silly word. He needs support and experienced, talented assistants that bring ideas, leadership to the table. Prescott is available after being stood down by Gold Coast. He is extremely impressive, well regarded and had been head of development at GC. Also an ex docker so even better! There's plenty of talented coaches who will be available come the end of the year....Woosha is potentially a great football admin/operations guy but Belly got that role already.
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Matebe Woosha 1 week 10 hours ago #40

Do we still have that ‘director of coaching‘ role or whatever it was called? You know, the one where the head coach didn’t have to facilitate communicating with all the other coaches?
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Drubbing Woosha 1 week 9 hours ago #41

How about get him a decent fitness and medical team first. Then see if he need any 'help'.
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The_Yeti Woosha 6 days 11 hours ago #42

I dont really see Worsfold as the right choice as a mentor.

He was outcoached by Mark Harvey, losing 7 or 8 derbies in a row and people keep telling me that Harvey was no good. One thought that occurs to me is the possibility of Clarkson being released by the Hawks. I think he would make a far better mentor than most.

I'd also look at the support structure like improved fitness, medical support, assistant coaches that can contribute more than we've got so far. Perhaps get somebody who can go for coffees with Kim Jong Gil to discuss the need to send Margetts back to Brisbane....or Syria.

I don't see what Worsfold has to offer
Egurls Suck!
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