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Corporal Agarn Crazy Horse 8 months 3 weeks ago #85

Corporal Agarn
It's been a problem all year, even when Fyfe was playing.
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shane Crazy Horse 8 months 3 weeks ago #86

No one wants to talk about why we lost the game here because this wasn't about why we lost the game. That's in other topics.
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Quasimodo Crazy Horse 8 months 3 weeks ago #87

I think we can break why we lost into the areas of the field.

Tabs played well, generally he presented and had a brain fade but overall was our best forward. Lobb when he was down there was also Ok both missed easy shots but hopefully we improve. our small forwards were mostly non existent, Frederick played well for a first gamer.

Started well, tackled hard and applied pressure, but dropped off as the game went on and too much was left to the usual few. We need to keep the pressure applied. I think we fatigued in the second half, not surprising as we still have a large number of youngsters playing I liked the kicking flow from half back to the forwards and I thought our skills had improved from last year but not enough.

Let kennedy and to a lesser extent Darling get too many looks, you give these guys looks and they score goals. But we are missing our best 3 defenders and Ryan, Hughes and Wilson I thought played well and kept the little guys like their Ryan pout of it, problem was Kennedy and cox hopefully learns from playing on a great experienced forward, if Pearce or Hambling has played we might have seen a difference.

So why did we lose, our forwards fluffed some opportunities and our smalls were missing. Our mid intensity dropped off as the game went on and they got more possession, the weight of possession eventually overwhelmed our undermanned defence.

We are playing a lot of youngsters and with a few top players to come back I think we are on the right track, I like the game plan Longmuir is trying to implement and at times we look quick and dangerous. if we treat this season as a preseason for next season I think next year we might have a good year.
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expat Crazy Horse 8 months 3 weeks ago #88

I'd have Cam in this week for Travis (omitted)
Fredo stays in.
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Alvin Prpl Crazy Horse 8 months 3 weeks ago #89

Alvin Prpl
Now where were we oh Crazy Horse, that’s right.

He goes alright and will only get better.....and better.
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purple kit Crazy Horse 8 months 3 weeks ago #90

purple kit
Was voted by the coaches as best Freo player on the ground, closely followed by Luke Ryan, no other Freo players made the votes.
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pollyanna Crazy Horse 8 months 3 weeks ago #91

If I was Simpson I'd give Tabs votes too - he could've buried his team but became Herman Munster instead.
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mac Crazy Horse 8 months 3 weeks ago #92

West Coast crash contested marks..They try to take out their ops forwards and in their forward 50 crashing or over kick the lead hoping someone gets the crumbs. Been doing with Rioli and co for years and we did it on Sunday with Frederick. Not sure it wasn't a game plan but hope theres more of it.
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Placekick Crazy Horse 8 months 3 weeks ago #93

I'm a little confused by this discussion about Tabs. Granted, he mucked up in the goal square and missed a critical set shot on Sunday, but he also kicked a goal or two from the pocket off his right foot. And he was a key player in the win against St Kilda. And there's his stats - he's equal 7th on the AFL goalkicking list (playing in a team that is 15th), and has a better goal/points ratio than Kennedy, Hawkins, Lynch and Gunston (who are equal with him on 11 goals). Had he kicked a bit straighter he'd be leading the Coleman. He's 4th in the AFL for contested marks per game (Rory Lobb is 3rd, by the way) and 8th for marks per game. Our next best in the latter category is James Aish at 37th and Rory Lobb is 74th. Darcy is 426th. I reckon Tabs could do better, but he's not bad, considering.

Just saying...
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shane Crazy Horse 8 months 3 weeks ago #94

Fremantle 2021 Membership Slogan - We're Not Bad.
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cletus Crazy Horse 8 months 3 weeks ago #95

Excellent stats Placekick!

In no way am I contesting your research, ...but, I note that on the Footywire Stats they have Hodor ranked at 372nd with 9 marks from 5 games.

But what I REALLY want to note, is, that there's a fella from 'the mob down the road' who - I am continually told - is a 'high flyer' .... is the best mobile ruckman in the world, ...jumps over tall buildings with a single bound,.... feeds the poor, etc etc etc.

Well.... I'd like it noted, that with 7 games & 3 marks, he's ranked 476 th!!!!!
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expat Crazy Horse 8 months 3 weeks ago #96

TABS, Sportsbet paying 67:1 for the Coleman.
What smokey.
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Morgan Crazy Horse 8 months 3 weeks ago #97

Placekick, my interest in Tabs is the same as my past interest in Zac Dawson. Dawson had a couple of useful traits (he was tall, could spoil, and had some sense of team defence), but was useless at literally every other part of the game. How you rated his value depended on how you weighed those things against each other.

Tabs has some really good aspects to his game (marking, endurance and this season slotting goals from the boundary), but is useless at most other parts of the game (kicking simple goals, general game awareness, anything to do with the ball being on the ground). The stat you left out is that he kicks the ball 8 times a game and 3 are clangers. That’s butchery of the highest order.

I think on balance that adds up to a useful player but I’m not 100% sure.
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cletus Crazy Horse 8 months 3 weeks ago #98

That stat wouldn't have been out of place on any RoLy era team, Morgs, but I can't recall you alerting us to the 'butchery' that occurred in every game during that era.

Having said that, you sare very right to identify Tabs' greatest deficiency', and I agree with your observation.

Sorts the 2 non preferred feet out, and he is capable of the Coleman....

He's got the 'clunking bit' sorted , now its the kicking part he's got to get on top of.
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