TOPIC: Tim Kelly - lock it in

Storz Tim Kelly - lock it in 2 weeks 5 hours ago #239

From the sound of things the OOFTIT’s have sold the farm for Tim Kelly. 2 first round picks plus an early 2nd rounder. Then a swap of picks later (apparently including 33)
Last report I heard is that he’s there for close to $1M per season over 5 years too.
I’ll admit the guys good, but is he that good?
This is like the lance franklin deal of 5 years ago, it’s the sort of thing that could work short term but will accelerate the downfall when that happens too.....
I can feel the schaudenfreude warming up right now......
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Corporal Agarn, Helenv said You Beaut

Walter the baker Tim Kelly - lock it in 2 weeks 4 hours ago #240

Walter the baker
They are a top four team that want to win premierships. Kelly could be the extra factor that they need. Would it be "selling the farm" if they get another cup?

Whether it is a good decision or not, Im more concerned that we were never in the race. I hope we have a good Plan B because Im not sure where our improvement is going to come from over the next couple of years.

(... and well played by the Cats. Converting a mature age recruit into 3-4 top end draft picks. No wonder they are always in the top half of the ladder)
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goodie, Derby12 said You Beaut

Jezza Tim Kelly - lock it in 2 weeks 4 hours ago #241

WTB, they got rid of the last coach. Isn’t that where the improvement going to come from. I didn’t expect the exodus of players though. But it’s day 3 of the trade period. Maybe Belly has got a few feathers in his cap to get through. Glad that Freo didn’t pay the $3.5M over 5 years. What a pay rise. Is he as good as Barlow as a mature age recruit. Interesting.
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Storz Tim Kelly - lock it in 2 weeks 4 hours ago #242

As I said it’s just like the Franklin deal.
If you win a flag in the short term it’s definitely worth it.
Thats a big “if” though with Richmond in the state it’s currently in.
So If there’s no flag in the next 2 years then it’s absolutely selling the farm. Full respect to the mob up the road, they’ve gone all in on their current list, I just wonder if it will bite them on the way back.
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DS Tim Kelly - lock it in 2 weeks 4 hours ago #243

It's going to be a tough day for me. I had such faith in demo1.
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shane, Walter the baker, slammen, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

CrankyB Tim Kelly - lock it in 2 weeks 3 hours ago #244

Sorry demo1, but it looks like you've been hagdorned,
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DocDocker said You Beaut

391 Tim Kelly - lock it in 2 weeks 3 hours ago #245

More power them - pushed all their chips in on the current list.

And more importantly actually good news for us.

Unless they trade back in takes them out of first and second round of this year's draft so no picks. or early bids on the WA kids or our NGA options.

Still hoping we bank picks and load up on the WA boys this year. Even happy if we get pick 6 for Hill, we trade it or our 7 for the two lower first rounders with GWS to get (more) WA lads
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expat Tim Kelly - lock it in 2 weeks 3 hours ago #246

Belly: "Yes, we're very interested in Tim Kelly"
WC: "Oh Sh!t. Geebung are going to want that 6/7 pick scenario... Nissy, we betta sell the farm!"

Trade Done: Kelly becomes a Wet Toast

Belly: "Cool. Now I have hoover up all the WA talent"
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Storz, Jezza, 391, slammen, Raglan Matt said You Beaut

hypen Tim Kelly - lock it in 2 weeks 3 hours ago #247

Why do people think cause West Coast now have no decent picks the other 16 teams in the competition will give us unfettered access to WA players? That's not how it has worked and it's not how it will work. In recent times the only team not focusing on WA players has been Fremantle.
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Mushroom, DocDocker, Walter the baker, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

shane Tim Kelly - lock it in 2 weeks 3 hours ago #248

I'll tell you why.

Eagles suck.
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Storz said You Beaut

purple mao Tim Kelly - lock it in 2 weeks 2 hours ago #249

purple mao
‘Perth rival Fremantle had "not really" been an option for Kelly, Van Der Wielen said, because it wasn't deemed the best option for him and his family.’

So Fremantle wasn’t an option because we weren’t an option.

Aka - you guys suck, there’s no way I’m playing for you.

Tim Kelly is now without question my least favourite player in the AFL.
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hypen said You Beaut

demo1 Tim Kelly - lock it in 2 weeks 2 hours ago #250

Sorry to get some hopes up. I was wrong. A fair bit has changed obviously esp around what WCE were prepared to trade.
Personally Im wrapped. I always wanted to go to the draft with two live picks before any potential Liam Henry bid.
We may even be able to live trade one for more goodies.
The important bit is the Eagles have paid overs for him which hopefully stuffs them up not only for this draft but many more seasons.
Maybe its the trade that all look back on in twenty years and say - Thats where it all started to go down hill for West Coast..
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Jezza Tim Kelly - lock it in 2 weeks 2 hours ago #251

They’re calling this the best midfield since the Lions of early 2000s. Yeo, Shuey, Gaff, Sheed, Kelly. Nic Nat to feed. The Lions won 3 in a row, with Voss, Aker, Black, Lappin and co. I think they’re kidding themselves if they’re making the comparisons.
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Walter the baker Tim Kelly - lock it in 2 weeks 2 hours ago #252

Walter the baker
Either way that group are a long way ahead of Fyfe and ... well, Fyfe.
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