TOPIC: Wingmen

purple kit Wingmen 4 months 4 weeks ago #15

purple kit
Carter on one wing and Henry on the other. What other problems do you need fixing?
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Bizkit, Lazza040 said You Beaut

NPK Wingmen 4 months 4 weeks ago #16

whoever wins the 3km time trial gets the gig
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pollyanna Wingmen 4 months 4 weeks ago #17

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Sturt drafted as a wingman?
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Quasimodo Wingmen 4 months 4 weeks ago #18

Maverick and Goose were a good pair of wingmen

Id like to see Logue play on a wing, he has pace and size and a decent kick which hopefully the new coach will improve further.

Son Son or Cera can play the other wing Cera will like the space.
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wingman Wingmen 4 months 4 weeks ago #19

I'd be telling B Hill to find a new girlfriend while he plays out the 2 years left on his contract. With a new game plan he could be critical. Would also hate to see S Hill go. Especially without a send off.
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CaptSnooze, Enzo said You Beaut

The Spud Wingmen 4 months 4 weeks ago #20

The Spud
Langdon is highly over-rated. Can't kick. No decision-making skills. A typical athlete who can't actually play football.
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goodie, Bizkit, Snail, Flag_2005, slammen said You Beaut

pollyanna Wingmen 4 months 4 weeks ago #21

His field kicking has been off this year. Ed is as quick as they come, but his greatest talent is an inate ability to read the evolving play - as good as Mundy. If you dont think that's rare you gotta have a gripe against the kid.

One of my favourites for sure.
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cletus Wingmen 4 months 4 weeks ago #22

I suspect he's been doing a 'James Clement". Wouldn't be surprised if B Hill hasn't been doing the same.

Both have had very ordinary footskills for the players they are...
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The Spud Wingmen 4 months 4 weeks ago #23

The Spud
He's Chris Mainwairing with a pony tail.
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NPK Wingmen 4 months 4 weeks ago #24

i think langdon is better than lachie weller and we got pick 2 for him!
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shane, DougGreen, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

Corporal Agarn Wingmen 4 months 4 weeks ago #25

Corporal Agarn
Obviously B Hill is not that concerned about going to a club on the rise if he is off to St Kilda. Pretty much similar to what he's leaving.
And isn't Liam Henry going to be be our small forward Charlie Cameron type, not a wingman?
And Sturt was recruited as a half forward.
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Flag_2005 Wingmen 4 months 4 weeks ago #26

Early in the Essendon game there was a classic passage that demonstrated Langdon’s woeful kicking and our general malaise. Under no pressure he pumped the ball long to the forward pocket on top of Switkowski’s head. He was outmarked by Hurley who passed to Saad who had a couple of bounces and then two kicks later the Bombers booted the ball through the big sticks.

It was like watching a car crash - you wanted to turn away but you couldn’t.
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Bizkit, Suker said You Beaut

Bizkit Wingmen 4 months 3 weeks ago #27

Liam Henry will float through half forward and the midfield (probably more forward early till he's built a bit of a tank). I see him in a similar role to Sonny atm, incredible delivery forward and decision making through traffic balanced with fantastic evasion and speed to get free. He's a great finisher with innate goal sense and will push forward to impact the scoreboard but you probably want him setting up the play from the middle before running forward to follow up.

Langdon's kicking and decision making has deteriorated rapidly over the past few years and for someone who is so often in space and facing little pressure, he has no excuse. I think he's an incredibly hard worker and knows where to go on the field to get the ball (probably my candidate for the Paul Haselby - good mark for his size award too) but when he turns it over so often and so poorly, I'm not too fussed if he goes.

If he does, I've said before I'd take Angus Brayshaw in a heartbeat and that hasn't changed. I'd also be happy with Melbourne's first pick and maybe an extra second/third rd pick or some combination of filler and pick swaps. We're gonna have a lot of empty spots on the list to draft in kids with all these retirements and trades so we need quality picks to replace them, not pick 80 and 90 in the draft. Good WA depth in the draft means it could be a good year to go hard at it for us.
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goodie, demo1 said You Beaut

DougGreen Wingmen 4 months 3 weeks ago #28

To everyone who thinks Ed's kicking was below par.

The entire team's kicking was below par. If we weren't the least skillful team in the AFL we were pretty close to it. Brad Hill had elite kicking skills when he came to Freo and now is not much better than Ed or Tabs or Cox etc

This is the entire problem and why Lyon had to go. He is on the record as having dismissed the importance of skills practice despite the fact that everything we know about skills in any area of human endeavor leads us to believe that "use it or lose it". No matter how good you are at something, if you don't continue to practice that something you'll become less good at it.

All of this is a long winded way of saying....Ross was to blame for Ed's poor kicking and everyone else's poor kicking, hand balling, marking etc etc so thank goodness we've finally gotten rid of the *&$#@
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