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TOPIC: Thanks Ross (positive thread only)

macdaddy Thanks Ross (positive thread only) 2 months 1 day ago #1

Big thanks Ross. You've given me great joy. Loved the way you went about it and best wishes for the future
My fave Ross moment was when he kissed hill
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goodie, shane, rogerrocks, Mike, R.Lyon said You Beaut

South Beach Thanks Ross (positive thread only) 2 months 1 day ago #2

South Beach
Our best coach so far IMHO. He had a good run at it so it was probably time to go. All the best RL.
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dd, purple mao said You Beaut

SevenHoursBehind Thanks Ross (positive thread only) 2 months 1 day ago #3

I'm glad someone has created this.

On balance, RL has been a very good thing for Freo: it would be very hard for someone to argue otherwise. We were created when the AFL wasn't what it is now, and the Neesham-Drum-Connolly-Harvey years were fun but with a lot of people on training wheels. RL made the club relevant, and professional. In giving us the 2012-2015 ride, he maybe grew too powerful within the club and wasn't challenged enough, but not many of us (if any) are on the inside, and will never know the full truth.

He gave us the QF in Geelong, the Prelim against Sydney two weeks later, the walk to the MCG from Federation Square, the big wins, the tight wins. For some clubs, finals come along like buses: that wasn't the case with us. Every September from 2012-2015 felt so exciting, like anything was possible and we at least were never going to be embarrassed or bundled out by ten goals.

He brought together a great core that was more than Pavlich, McPharlin, Mundy, Sandilands, Fyfe — great clubmen who will always be life members: Crowley (188), Ibbotson (177), Mayne (172), Duffield (171), Suban (156), and now Ballantyne (171) games. Not to mention Mzungu, Barlow, De Boer and many others who I'd love to buy a beer and hear a story from.

I'm glad he came along. Thanks for the memories Ross.
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goodie, Noddy, R34, expat, LOZA13, Docker by the Sea, Jeremiah Quizzle, R.Lyon said You Beaut

Docker by the Sea Thanks Ross (positive thread only) 2 months 1 day ago #4

Docker by the Sea
Thanks Ross for taking us to the big dance and lifting the expectations of our supporters beyond respectable losses. Giving us credibility beyond the West Australian border. Thanks for picking up your digs and relocating across to coach the second team in Perth, and at least for a short period have us be the best team in Perth.
Thanks for the anywhere, anytime ethos that we played under in your first years at the club, it was what was needed at the time.
Thanks for the years where I could go into the weekend expecting our team to make a good account of themselves and probably win against all comers.
Thanks for Michael Walters, and your ongoing support of Harley Bennell.
I have other comments that I will make in other threads but I will respect Mac’s request to keep this one positive. I am a Freo supporter and will pay my respects to anyone that has been willing to dedicate a chunk of their life to the club that I follow.
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LOZA13, Detox, Jeremiah Quizzle, SevenHoursBehind said You Beaut

Detox Thanks Ross (positive thread only) 2 months 23 hours ago #5

Thanks Ross. Handled your self with class today. Almost took us to the promise land and easily our best coach so far. Everyone one has their time and I do think it was the right move. Time to reflect and look forward to a new era.
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heycharger, rogerrocks, Noddy, Docker by the Sea, R.Lyon said You Beaut

Grub Thanks Ross (positive thread only) 2 months 23 hours ago #6

Yep thanks.
It’s a tough gig and nobody goes to work to intentionally do a poor job.
Past players are giving him a wrap so from the outside it looks like he had pretty good relationships with most players.
I just think it’s time or past time to be honest and time for all parties to move forward.
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Freo Hopeful Thanks Ross (positive thread only) 2 months 23 hours ago #7

Freo Hopeful
I will keep it short and just say thanks. I also thought the way he handled himself in his own presser was really good

All the best for the future Ross.
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OL55 said You Beaut

freo00 Thanks Ross (positive thread only) 2 months 23 hours ago #8

Thanks for going !
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Docker by the Sea Thanks Ross (positive thread only) 2 months 23 hours ago #9

Docker by the Sea
I forgot, my favourite moment would have to be the Cistern in Geelong after the AFL forced us to play down there. A classic win and a nice swipe at the AFL.
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Flag_2005, finalport, macdaddy, LOZA13 said You Beaut

macdaddy Thanks Ross (positive thread only) 2 months 23 hours ago #10

That was one of my fave Rossy moments too!! Absolutely brilliant
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hypen Thanks Ross (positive thread only) 2 months 23 hours ago #11

And if Rosich went out as an objection to the board's position on Lyon then I dip my hat to him for his integrity. Which is what I'm hearing.

Well done to Lyon in his presser. Tremendous dignity.

And well done to Alcock. I saw a great deal of authenticity today. Plain words that carried weight.
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Mercury, DocDocker, OL55, rogerrocks, Flag_2005, R34, Derby12, Docker by the Sea said You Beaut

goodie Thanks Ross (positive thread only) 2 months 22 hours ago #12

Agree with the above sentiments. He carried himself with class today.
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OL55 said You Beaut

Straddo Thanks Ross (positive thread only) 2 months 21 hours ago #13

The 2013 prelim against Sydney, one of the best halves of football ever played by Freo. The drive across the Nullarbor that same year, and even the drive home.

Thanks for the memories Ross. I don't think any other coach could have reset the expectations the way he did. Until the last 4 years he did have an incredible record. It would be good to see him go away, have a break, and try and come back to AFL in some capacity some day.
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rogerrocks said You Beaut

Flag_2005 Thanks Ross (positive thread only) 2 months 21 hours ago #14

What Hypen said and also nice to see Son Son’s tweet as well.

Good luck to Ross and his family for whatever the future holds.
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