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darthmarto Sacked 2 months 22 hours ago #85

Yeah nah he didn’t.

His footy has been pretty ugly for years and the development has been way below the line other clubs have tracked at.

I’m glad he’s gone but it feels very unprepared for this time ... which is weird as half the state has been calling for it for months.
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Docker by the Sea Sacked 2 months 21 hours ago #86

Docker by the Sea
Given that most have me as a screaming Ross fanatic, I will answer. No, personally I thought the end was close, and I get today’s decision.
It has been extremely frustrating each year roll out with the same glaring issues behind our losses. A lack of skills and not having our best 22 available. After the Essendon loss on the weekend, I was also frustrated by Lyon’s unwillingness to take responsibility for this. He is the head of our football program, and to ignore the fact that our football program is ineffective at addressing this is unacceptable.
I can also see the other side in that in three drafts we have 12 players left from 2016. At the end of this year we will have 10. In any bodies language that is a massive turnover. With key personnel out for a lot of this season there was a case that things could be different.
All that being said I am looking forward to a new face and game style four struggles against all opposition have worn me out.
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freofan58 Sacked 2 months 21 hours ago #87

KK I will only truly feel like Fremantle again when the days comes and we admit we got the whole Cockburn thing wrong and finally move back to Freo.
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Stacksonthemill Sacked 2 months 21 hours ago #88

Seeya boys. Onwards and upwards.
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FD1016 Sacked 2 months 21 hours ago #89

Why does everyone else outside fremantle seemed so bloody shocked!?!
AFL360 spent most of the programme calling it shocking news, a bombshell, no one saw it coming... blah blah


Us supporters have been expecting it every damn week since the derby. For us, it’s been too long coming. Get over it Victorians.
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shane Sacked 2 months 21 hours ago #90

Yes. That's confusing.

I assume it's because no one even takes enough interest in Fremantle any more to keep track of how much they've sucked for the past 4 years.

That's why Rosich had to go too.
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Enzo said You Beaut

Docker by the Sea Sacked 2 months 21 hours ago #91

Docker by the Sea
The general feel I’ve got from watching east coast media recently is, from a football sense things are tracking to their expectations. The shows I’ve watched, have generally been of the view, they think the pressure being brought against Lyon is unreasonable.
My take would be that they are disconnected from the massive discontent amongst the Freo supporters. I don’t see much evidence that they are very interested in any real analysis of Freo.
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pollyanna Sacked 2 months 21 hours ago #92

You can't blame anyone for not watching Fremantle play under RoLy - especially the last three seasons.
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Bizkit, CaptSnooze, Burton said You Beaut

Docker by the Sea Sacked 2 months 21 hours ago #93

Docker by the Sea
Unless of course your paid to comment on AFL.
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pollyanna Sacked 2 months 21 hours ago #94

Then you just go with the prevailing myth - RoLy is one of the best coaches, Freo are having a 'bad patch'. No one could really watch that type of football.
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shane said You Beaut

Drubbing Sacked 2 months 20 hours ago #95

Most of Victoria couldn't give a rats how Freo are going, or have any idea how they're travelling. Quite a few Freo supporters were starting to feel the same way.

Of course it's a shock to them. They were too busy not bothering to notice. If Lyon was coaching a vic side, he'd have been on notice in 2016, not given another 4 years.
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Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

R.Lyon Sacked 2 months 19 hours ago #96

The derby was the killer for me. Then we beat Geelong and you forget about how bad we’ve been playing for two months prior. We needed a change.
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rogerrocks Sacked 2 months 19 hours ago #97

I'm looking forward to our losses next year. People will have to come up with a whole lot of new reasons.
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pollyanna Sacked 2 months 19 hours ago #98

There probably will be a lot of reasons - instead of one that everyone avoided admitting to.
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shane said You Beaut