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Noddy Staging 4 months 4 weeks ago #15

Walters is a brave player.
If there was an annual AFL Thespian award, Darling would have won the last 5. He should start games in breeches with a feather in his hair.
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freo00 Staging 4 months 4 weeks ago #16

Wow !
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Corporal Agarn Staging 4 months 4 weeks ago #17

Corporal Agarn
You might be sick of it, but how often over the years has the club actually stood up for it's players when it comes to the tribunal?
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Jango, Raglan Matt said You Beaut

ICONDOCKER Staging 4 months 4 weeks ago #18

Last night Jonathon Brown ( Foxtel,“On the couch”) called it out as absolute rubbish and pointed out a Jeremy Howe dive, staging for a free kick.
I’d love to have Brownie as our next coach, he demands attention from all around him and is not afraid to call BS on the show.
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Raglan Matt, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

shane Staging 4 months 4 weeks ago #19

If that's the job description we use to hire people it would explain a lot.
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mccyoung said You Beaut

Snail Staging 4 months 4 weeks ago #20

The umpiring was atrocious especially Maggots... they chose not to look at a severe block on Son Son in the third quarter... the ump was ten meters away. The AFL have used Freo as a whipping boy for years because we sit back and do nothing!!
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Raglan Matt, freo00 said You Beaut

DS Staging 4 months 4 weeks ago #21

If SonSon was paid the kicks he deserves he wouldn't feel the need to make it obvious to the maggots.
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LOZA13 said You Beaut

Redned Staging 4 months 4 weeks ago #22

Although, unusually, we can't complain about the free kick count in this game.
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Raglan Matt Staging 4 months 4 weeks ago #23

Raglan Matt
Well actually, if we got those we should have, it would have been about 48 to 10 free kick count.
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Spocker Staging 4 months 4 weeks ago #24

I am confused - is SonSon a good stager or a bad stager - some are better at it than him and have not got caught out for it, so some are pathetically saying he should not be pointed out for being a stager, I do not post very often and I love Walters as much as the next person - but he is a stager as per my previous post months ago. New coach will sort him out.
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pollyanna Staging 4 months 4 weeks ago #25

I can't see it myself, but I suppose I would never see that with Michael. Getting charged and fined for staging though has to be the worst thing to be levelled at you as a player. It's really embarrassing.
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rogerrocks Staging 4 months 4 weeks ago #26

The Essendon player who pretended that Hill knocked the ball out of his hands - is that staging? It certainly sucked the ump into giving an embarrassing 50m penalty.
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shane, Raglan Matt said You Beaut

avdbrm Staging 4 months 4 weeks ago #27

certainly love seeing the AFL all of a sudden think something needs extra attention, hand out some sanctions, then forget about it as soon as someone important does it.

the $1000 fine is quite deliberate. it's so small (for AFL clubs/players) that it's not worth appealing, probably costs more to get the paperwork ready. but it means the person is branded as a stager. i daresay walters will get even less frees this weekend.
i'd like to see staging targeted consistently. but even looking at this round, it's clear it won't be.
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ranr Staging 4 months 3 weeks ago #28

Staging is staging, but I'd like to see any player who gets even brushed on the chin in close play, NOT pull his head back quickly! It will always look like staging but it depends on the player or who he plays for.
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