TOPIC: Worst team in AFL

ghq Worst team in AFL 1 year 1 month ago #15

Just a suggestion:- amend the title of the thread to The worst coached team int he AFL.
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NPK Worst team in AFL 1 year 1 month ago #16

Matt - i’m not talking about hitting targets inside 50. I thought last night we were not too bad at that - it is the simple kick or handball out of the 50 or switch of play kick. The simple turnovers kill and deflate us (both players and fans). Do we want to win a flag or not. There is no point hovering around the bottom eight - we need elite kickers or train them up like I hate to say it. The eagles.
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Drubbing Worst team in AFL 1 year 1 month ago #17

Hitting targets would be easier with a different structure. Why do you think good players go bad at Freo? Brad Hill for example has some disposal shockers regularly. That's more to do with what he's got to work with, than his own skillset.

Nothing has changed from the days of watching him on the wing at Subi - about to go for a run and spot up a pass, only to find there isn't one, so he stops and waits...

Fyfe, Mundy and Walters are in a different league and this shows, but you can only occasionally win games off a couple of talented boots. Fyfes pantsed whoever was put on him and we smashed Essendon in other numbers and I50s. But look at the way we get inside 50 and the amount of times it rebounds with little effect. Woeful.

Lyon's comfort zone is still defence and guarding space. Every other team in the comp has worked this out. Even us idiots on a website. He refuses to set up to take a game on and have a forward line that actually plays within marking distance of it.

As for goal kicking, I think the 2nd string forwards are lacking confidence, because so much rides on every hard earned set shot; they know they're not going to get a lot of them each game. Lyon's forward strategy is bash, crash, bomb it, get it there, lock it in and soap juggle a goal. It's fricking woeful.
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expat Worst team in AFL 1 year 1 month ago #18

I say sack the forward coach, he is ruining this team. We literally don't have a forward line at all. We'd be better off playing one of our backmen like Nyhuis in the forward line to negate the oppositions constant marking of our i50 entries.

It's time for Fyfe to move back to the forward line and play Baily Banfield in the guts... what else?
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pollyanna Worst team in AFL 1 year 1 month ago #19

In the fourth quarter we were just over three goals behind with a bit less than half a quarter to go. Sitting in the city end I could see that we had kicked the ball in and were scrubbing around inside the forward 50 to get the ball. We had over a dozen players scrunched into the space between the centre square and the forward 50 arc. We were outnumbered inside the 50 and everyone else were spread across the space defensively to prevent a quick rebound by the Bummers - we were set up not to score but to prevent them from rebounding. We needed to score, we had to and we couldn't - nor did we stop the rebound. Quick as a flash down the field they came in four kicks and Langford (?) kicked two goals in three minutes.

You can't score if you don't commit to it. Structurally we were covering our bets both ways with an emphasis on defending. We suffered the consequences, rightly so.

If any of you watched the Brisbane v Geelong game you would've noticed how a team sets up to score and win a game when they have to. Brisbane did.
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Eventually Worst team in AFL 1 year 1 month ago #20

I attended last nights game, my first game since early last year and was shocked at how unskilled our team looked. I was shocked at the constant hesitation and lack of confidence that everyone except Walters, Mundy and Brad Hill showed. It was like everyone was so scared to make a decision or a mistake in case they would be disciplined by Lyon, they looked plain shit scared of playing on and attacking.
I have no idea what the game plan is but our forward structure was non-existent and apart from Macca no one made a lead. I can honestly say that this team was a shadow of last years team and that TV viewing has masked just how bad our team is.

I left the game totally gutted, shocked and in fear of what the future holds. It is pretty obvious a new 5 year re-stump and re-boot is going to be needed. Devastating.
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cletus, shirtfront said You Beaut

Raglan Matt Worst team in AFL 1 year 1 month ago #21

Raglan Matt
NPK, every team in the comp knows where the footy is going, when Freo take it out of defense, so we are outnumbered at the contest, there goes our 50/50 chance of winning the footy, the opposition take it back in, we turn it over, rinse & repeat. Don't blame the players for their skills.
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hypen Worst team in AFL 1 year 1 month ago #22

If St Kilda beat Sydney we'll finish 14th. Not sure we'll beat Port away.

I expect Melbourne, Carlton and Sydney to improve dramatically next year.
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darthmarto Worst team in AFL 1 year 1 month ago #23

I agree with Hypen's earlier comment, our list is shallow.

But our skills are way below average and that has been a concern (at least to me) since Ross pulled the whole 'I let the assistants take the preseason training' thing a few years back and the numerous comments since about coaching effort and not skills..

Surely our exceptional effort combined with better skills would make us a sight to behold? I'm no mathematician but I reckon when your kicking efficiency is 50% you're having to expend twice the effort to match it with a team who's kicking efficiency is 100%, just to achieve the same outcome. Not exactly rocket surgery.

But this pigheaded refusal to work on skills is just insane.
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cletus, Corporal Agarn, Burton said You Beaut

gidgegary Worst team in AFL 1 year 1 month ago #24

Versus Essendon was a woeful performance to rank among many woeful performances from this season and previous seasons. Such a low skill team. Win the hitouts, win the clearances, win contested ball, win inside 50 stats, it's all baloney when you lose the game by 6 goals. All those stats are just fodder for a RL press conference, so he can spout on about how good this team is becoming with every passing week.

Two instances stood out for me, both in the first quarter I believe. Cerra (low skill, should not be in defence) has the ball at centre half back- passes backwards to the back pocket, turnover -goal. Duman marks forward of the centre , could have driven the ball to a contest 25 metres from our goal, instead he does as coached first option kick backwards to the wing, poor kick, turnover - shot at goal for Essendon. What crap our team serves up.
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Raglan Matt Worst team in AFL 1 year 1 month ago #25

Raglan Matt
Swallowing the propaganda that we are a low skilled team is what is keeping Steve & Lyon in a job.
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CaptSnooze said You Beaut

cletus Worst team in AFL 1 year 1 month ago #26

Look...I think everyone is being a bit harsh about our skills....

We are very skilled at turning the ball over, even more skilled at stuffing up kicks !

No team is better than us at 'kicking down the line', and I would be very surprised if anyone is better than us at missing set shots.

We are extremely good at letting our opposition have 5 goal head starts in the first 20 minutes of every match, and our ability to hit opposition players on the chest - lace out -really is second to none.

So ease up a bit....consider the positives!
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mac, shirtfront, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

hypen Worst team in AFL 1 year 1 month ago #27

I think what's really clear is opponents are happy for us to have the ball in certain areas of the ground, safe in the knowledge they're going to get it back soon enough. Lyon has to stop viewing contested ball and inside 50's as an end in themselves.
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CaptSnooze said You Beaut

Drubbing Worst team in AFL 1 year 1 month ago #28

I reckon Lyon is happy to concede as many games as it takes, to win all the stats. Bar one.

If they keep doing that, he can talk his crap in the the pressers about effort and being in the game, but not taking opportunities. As if there's only tweaks to need to be put in place and everything will be fine.

You can take a presser from any game we lost and he'll be singing the same song.
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Raglan Matt said You Beaut