TOPIC: Banfield vs McCarthy

Sox Banfield vs McCarthy 6 months 3 weeks ago #29

ICON, I completely forgot Tucker! You’re dead right, that could be a swap, but again you’d be swapping a kid for a kid and The Box has been good this year (and is more of an outside runner and user than an inside scrapper like The Gun).
No dropping Matera, no no no. 30 goal a year small forwards don’t grow on trees.
As for “not playing the kids”... Brayshaw, Cera, Tucker and Langdon have been a core of the side this year, Cox has had plenty of chances, Darcy has been in when fit, Logue has been in when fit, Blakely has been in when fit... are we really accusing the coach of playing not enough kids or are we just angry that one particular kid isn’t being played?
I’m angry at Lyon and the club for a whole bunch of reasons, but “not playing the kids” ain’t on of them.
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