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shane Finals 2 years 6 days ago #29

No, no, no. You're not buying in.

It means the coach's risk of playing three ruckman paid off and he's a genius who's been unfairly criticised by snipers and such.
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Raglan Matt, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

Docker by the Sea Finals 2 years 6 days ago #30

Docker by the Sea
Or it was a marginal win against questionable opposition. The pressure on the coach is justified, and the move to play three ruckmen which I thought was ludicrous, actually paid off.
Criticism is one thing but I reckon it is more valuable if you are willing to accept that there is occasionally evidence to the contrary.
I have balanced out in my head the evidence available to me, and on balance I think change is needed. If we go down the pathway of changing the coach I would like to see a change at club level as well. Away from the formulaic corporate driven culture currently, and more towards a passionate grass roots football club managed well.
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goodie said You Beaut

shane Finals 2 years 6 days ago #31

A couple of bounces go the other way, a free kick call goes differently, and we lose. Would that mean the move didn't pay off?

We were no better on Saturday night than we've been for the previous 4 weeks, nor any better than this time at any of the previous 4 season. I'm not interested in 4 points, I'm interested in seeing some sort of improvement that says next year we'll move up the ladder and be a half decent team. I'm not going to pretend that the 1.3 in the last quarter to hold on and win by a point was a positive sign of things to come.

And what we played were two ruckmen and a centre half forward. It's just that Aliir Aliir was embarrassing the two ruckmen around the ground all night so we had to play the centre half forward in the ruck. It was a quirk of the game, it wasn't a clever strategy that paid off.
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fourthump, The_Yeti, Bizkit, pollyanna, DazzElle, slammen, Derby12, Corporal Agarn, Patient Docker , Burton said You Beaut

Docker by the Sea Finals 2 years 6 days ago #32

Docker by the Sea
No worries Shane, everything is screwed Lyon never does one thing right he is actually the devil incarnate. No wonder people leave this site it has become a forum for one or two voices and their views enshrined with holding the one truth. Over and out.
Good luck with your 3 or 4 voices and what used to be a vibrant enjoyable place for people to share their opinions. I give up on trying to bring any sort of balance to the conversation about our club.
Hello big footy.
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goodie, rogerrocks, coogeespy, Macca4 said You Beaut

shane Finals 2 years 6 days ago #33

Oh, so not so deliberative now then.
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Sox said You Beaut

Docker by the Sea Finals 2 years 6 days ago #34

Docker by the Sea
I don’t know if you have hair or not but you are a flog. Go ahead delete what posts you like so you can give the appearance that you are not
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Roodawg Finals 2 years 6 days ago #35

Couple of bounces go the other way and we win the Carlton game. We'd be at nine wins and people would be considering us a real chance to make the eight. It goes both ways.
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Docker by the Sea said You Beaut

shane Finals 2 years 6 days ago #36

That's the point though. Everything isn't good just because of the ball goes the right way and you win. It's not about the bounce of the ball, it's about the way the team is playing. It's nice to win but losing by a point doesn't mean you played any worse over the night than if you win by a point.

They're not playing well. They barely hit a target on Saturday night and when they did it was a toss of the coin whether the other bloke would mark it. Kicking a goal each quarter was considered meeting a KPI. Each goal was like squeezing the last bit out of the toothpaste tube. And the entire game is still dependant on David Mundy, after a 4 year re-build.
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Raglan Matt, freo00, Patient Docker said You Beaut

CaptSnooze Finals 2 years 6 days ago #37

The fight shown was worth the ticket price and we enjoy the win, but how much can you really read into it? The players scrapped and fought, but we are competing with 4 other clubs for 8th spot. The biggest take-out from the weekend seems to be today's free Big Mac. I'll take it and hope, DbtS!
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shane said You Beaut

The_Yeti Finals 2 years 6 days ago #38

I think there are several things to be taken out of that game on Saturday night.

Yes, the players tried extremely hard and we got the four points but winning that game was just a matter of luck. (losing would have been just a matter of luck as well)

It's clear to me that that style of footy will not win a premiership. From memory, we have been involved in six games that have been decided by less than one goal and we have won four of them. We could be sitting on ten wins right now had the luck gone our way. Equally, we could be sitting on four wins.

There is a huge difference between ten wins and four wins, yet the progress of the team would be exactly the same. Just because you get a win, that does not mean that you are improving or building to a premiership. We've had almost no real progression over the last four years and no I do not count smaller losing margins as proof of meaningful progression.

DBTS, personally I do not agree that playing the three ruckmen was a success, particularly after Lobb was forced to be taken from the forward line and put into the ruck. While he was forward, he provided the best contested mark that we had and he got three goals. Had he been left there the entire game, we might well have won by five or more goals. Unfortunately, he was also our best ruckman because neither of the other two had the pace to keep up with Aliir Aliir, who was extremely dynamic and exposed a lot of players for their lack of pace.

We did not make any changes that provided a meaningful counter to him throughout the entire game. From memory, our best scoring period was when he was off the ground being sick.

I might be flog (as well) for saying this but the team has not shown any significant progress and yet the rebuild is apparently completed. We haven't developed many of the new players and most of the best players right now, were developed at other clubs. There is not a lot of balance to be found, when we are just not looking like making the grade.
Egurls Suck!
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pollyanna, DazzElle, Raglan Matt, Corporal Agarn, freo00, Patient Docker said You Beaut

Patient Docker Finals 2 years 6 days ago #39

Patient Docker
100% agree Yeti.

I can tolerate losing games of footy if you can see the progress coming and that we are building chemistry and have a good game plan that just needs the players to grow/mature/develop. But I think we have exactly the opposite ... we have the players to win games of footy and play well but we don't have the system or game plan to do it ... we have seen minimal development from our high draft picks and what seems like a loss of skill from out recruited players ... it screams of square pegs in round holes coaching
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freo00 said You Beaut

Quasimodo Finals 2 years 6 days ago #40

Im in the Ross must go camp but to say our youngsters arent improving is just running a narrative. Brayshaw played his best game on Saturday, Logue played his best game, Cerra played well, Hughes after getting a reprieve played a good game, These guys did not learn their trade at another AFL they learnt at ours and they are going OK . So lets not get into the lots of things arent working so nothing is working.

Saturday continued to expose some major weakneses though, first Darcy is vulnerable against a quick agile opponent this is a major problem and why Lobb is spending so much time in the ruck we need to find another ruck who can play around the ground with Allir, Grundy, Gawn and keep them honest. our forward line still has no structure for the past 3 or 4 years our forwards get dragged up the ground and then when we win the ball we have no one to kick to, we cant do a fast transition as our player looks up and sees no one there.

our midfield are pretty good and we have some good young talent coming up but we need to structure better ahead of the ball so when they win it they have a target.

Defence is fine they are doing a good job without Pearce and Logue is developingwell. Hamling and Ryan are elite unfortunately Wilson seems to have lost some skill and that is a problem for us

The game plan still relies on too much running and too many men behind the ball and around the ball and forwards playing too high, we need to practice skills more and do less high pressure running thiws causes the injuroies and doesnt help us.

Thats why we need a new coach but not all is rubbish we have some young gems at the club.
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coogeespy, slammen, Corporal Agarn, Patient Docker said You Beaut

Darwin Docker Finals 2 years 6 days ago #41

Darwin Docker
Anyone who thinks we are on the right path to finals needs to watch a reply of our first game this season and compare it to last Saturday
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Patient Docker Finals 2 years 6 days ago #42

Patient Docker
Good points Quasi.

Will clarify my statements on our kids developing...

I can't fault their effort or desire - very Rolyesque I know. What I can fault is the coaching they are receiving, part of the fundamentals of being a coach is to develop players i.e. improve their weaknesses, another part is to get the best out of them by playing a game style that maximises their output and value to the team. It appears that neither of these are occurring.

I haven't seen what I would expect from picks in the single digits. I would have expected more in this second and third season (really 2nd for logue with the foot injury). I think Cerra and Bradshaw were excellent in their first years but haven't developed as expected in their 2nd year - may be a case of burnt out or second year blues which can happen. Logue I am excited for but frustrated that it has taken so long. He looks to have elite level athleticism but can we develop him as a 'footballer'.

Further to this, I am disappointed in the level of skill I am seeing at times from these high picks, I think the majority of my issues fall back on the 'Top Men' who should be able to perform the basic tasks outlined above.
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Corporal Agarn said You Beaut