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Drubbing You're A Bald Headed Flog 8 months 2 days ago #183

Gil probably won't be happy til every stadium looks like it's filled with Japanese students, waiting to clap at the end of a Deep Purple gig.
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shane You're A Bald Headed Flog 8 months 2 days ago #184


Doesn't 'Zone Supervisor' just reek of private school.
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rogerrocks You're A Bald Headed Flog 8 months 2 days ago #185

They walk up and down my aisle at Optus a couple of times a game. I'm not sure what they are looking for, because there is no hint of trouble in my block. Except for the time the dozy chump behind me went up to mark a shot at goal and forgot that he had a rum and coke in his hand. I smelled different for the rest of the game - but we had a good laugh about it. Maybe they are checking that the cheer squad haven't unveiled an unauthorised banner.

But take the Hawks cheer squad member who got talked to - he's in the middle of the Hawks cheer squad. There are no opposition fans within cooee. He had absolutely zero chance of hurting anything other than the umpires feelings.

I get really tired of officious authoritarian types telling us that these measures need to be imposed for our own safety.
Next we'll go down the route of complete fan segregation, and wire barriers. Hillsborough anyone?
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pollyanna You're A Bald Headed Flog 8 months 2 days ago #186

Yes - and thank you Mark McGowan for not calling out an armoured division of the army to control double parking on Hay Street.
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Gumnut You're A Bald Headed Flog 8 months 2 days ago #187

The guys in my aisle have been giving the ladies a hard time for resting their feet on the unoccupied seats in front of them for a few minutes. And these ladies don't say boo for the whole game. Very over the top!!
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Raglan Matt You're A Bald Headed Flog 8 months 2 days ago #188

Raglan Matt
I agree with Shane, if want to get sloshed, you go to a pub, or watch the game at home, or a mates place if the missus can't put up with the way you carry on watching the footy while pissed. You go to the ground to watch the game from start to finish, and don't need to be pouring back mid-strength while doing it and spoiling things for those who want to concentrate on the game.
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The_Yeti You're A Bald Headed Flog 8 months 2 days ago #189

I agree with all of that, RM, which is why I always had seats in the non-drinking areas (not that slowed some people down)

My beef is the Hitler Youth marching up and down concentrating on the people cheering too loud rather than just removing patrons that are a bit worse for wear. It's social engineering at it's worst.

God only knows what Kim Jong Gil was thinking when he started this but he needs to come clean and backtrack just a bit
Egurls Suck!
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pollyanna You're A Bald Headed Flog 8 months 2 days ago #190

The weekend figures at Marvel are two games, over 80,000 attendees and a grand total of four disorderly patrons removed. That isn't enough to justify sending in a thousand sumo wrestlers to intimidate people who support footy with their wallets.

The weekend total figures for complaining patrons willing to express their dissatisfaction on the Herald Sun website: 283 and counting.

Seriously, if anyone thinks this is good for the game you should move to North Korea and feel blessed that Kim is looking after your sensibilities.
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Dockermus You're A Bald Headed Flog 8 months 2 days ago #191

I sit on the wing in L5, 4 rows back from the front and a couple of seats in from an aisle. At yesterday's game, there were 6 or 7 young blokes on the front row - very early twenties, if my old eyes can be trusted - supporting Port. They weren't particularly loud, definitely not aggressive or anti-social, but still drew close attention from a security bozzo in a yellow (or orange?) high-viz vest off and on, throughout the game.

His MI was to repeatedly stand, staring, hand on hips, in the aisle just behind their row, for minutes at a time. The young blokes clearly knew he was there, judging by how often they looked over their shoulders, to check if he was still around. They didn't seem so much intimidated (which I guess is what high viz man wanted) as thoroughly pissed off.

It occurred to me, watching them, that they had every right to feel angry and insulted at the inference that they were potential troublemakers, and if they'd reacted, it would have been a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy thing - expect trouble, go looking for it and you'll find it for sure.
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FDB You're A Bald Headed Flog 8 months 2 days ago #192

I lived in Melbourne for ten years and went to every Freo game I could. I shouted many loud and obscene things, to the frequent amusement and jocular engagement of opposition fans. I can’t even imagine where all this supporter scrutiny is coming from, or where it’s meant to be heading.
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rogerrocks said You Beaut

Quasimodo You're A Bald Headed Flog 8 months 2 days ago #193

Kim Gil On is overreacting to a perceived increase in crowd violence. I say perceived because with mobile phones there is now footage of it, when in reality it's always been there.

At WAFL level I saw some big brawls in the 1980s. Especially on the hill at subi
During finals.

At our first final against Essendon a heap of people were turfed for fighting behind the Perth end goals. I broke up a fight near me a few yeas back when we flogged the magpies by over 100 points as a couple of guys tried to have a fight.

Even this week as I left the ground, there was some argy Barty happening on the northern wing of level 5. Security were settling a few guys down who were threatening each other.

In my experience all these events had one thing in common too much alcohol.i enjoy a couple of beers at the footy but can't believe the amount some people drink, I can't believe how wasted some are. I see people walking off with trays if 4 beers. Perhaps a rule if one drink per person each time you go to the bar might stop it. But I think heaps also preload outside tge ground and turn up already tanked.

Not sure what the answer is.
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The_Yeti You're A Bald Headed Flog 8 months 2 days ago #194


I'll tell you what the answer isn't.

I was actually (at one point) the youngest ground manager at Subi Oval (way back in the day) What you quickly learn is to reduce confrontation not increase it.

The police get this kind of training very specifically. It goes by various names including Verbal Judo. The idea behind it is to avoid the use of force by talking in a manner intended to de-escalate any situation, particularly where alcohol is involved.

There are a lot of reasons where de-escalation is vital - domestics and crowd control are the most obvious. Nobody wants to have to put down a riot when it could have been avoided as its dangerous for everybody concerned.

The other factor in play here is the security guards themselves. Yes, they are licenced and yes they have some training but its very, very minimal. Miniscule compared to real police. They also have much less supervision and much less accountability.

They are not equipped to deal with an alcohol affected crowd as evidenced by the heavy handed approach rather than using a soft touch on the crowd. It is very much a recipe for potential disaster. If one alcohol or drug affected person goes off, a great many people can get dragged into the resulting disturbance and the security guards won't be dealing with it. They'll back off and let the police wear the cost.

This heavy handed approach is an utterly ham fisted response by the AFL to a bit of umpire abuse and it is exactly the wrong approach to take
Egurls Suck!
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pollyanna You're A Bald Headed Flog 8 months 2 days ago #195

Simple point - they don't sell beer, wine and fizzy-pop grog at the footy for people to wash their utes with the stuff. They want to flog as many plastic cups as they can, thats why they have those four cup trays - they love the guys that can balance two four cuppers at a time. They do their very best to get as many people through their multi-port dispensing grog outlets as quick as they can.

Breaking news for the AwFL: very few Lutheran preachers go to the footy every weekend, even less grog up and scare umpires with what they say.
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Tragic You're A Bald Headed Flog 8 months 2 days ago #196

You know the world is changing when you agree with Joffa's opinion
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