TOPIC: Sean Darcy

Corporal Agarn Sean Darcy 2 years 3 weeks ago #15

Corporal Agarn
So even if we did bring him in, who goes out? It won't be Hogan and Cox finally did a bit last week.
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Quasimodo Sean Darcy 2 years 3 weeks ago #16

Lobbs mobility makes him a better match against Grundy around the ground and can challenge him in contested marking, if we lose the taps then we structure for this so we can win or breakeven in the clearance.

If you look at the stats teams that win hitouts and clearances dont always win games, but we need to stop his ability to take marks around the ground and then bring in their runners. Darcy wont keep up with him, Lobb might.
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Alvin Prpl, Suker said You Beaut

Raglan Matt Sean Darcy 2 years 3 weeks ago #17

Raglan Matt
Play Darcy to ruck, and Fyfe to play a ruck-rover role in Grundy to stop Grundy's marking round the ground. Fyfe will still get plenty of the footy and we have Blakely & Cerra to fill the gaps.
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The_Yeti Sean Darcy 2 years 3 weeks ago #18

Yeah, Suker, he didn't have the best Granny but if he plays anything like he has for most of this season, he's gunna wallop us big time.

He's the Fyfe of ruckmen
Egurls Suck!
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CaptSnooze, Suker said You Beaut

Flag_2005 Sean Darcy 2 years 3 weeks ago #19

One thing I do know about the weekend is it’s not just our first ruck we should be taking about but our second. Cox is absolutely horrible in that role
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CaptSnooze said You Beaut

Suker Sean Darcy 2 years 3 weeks ago #20

Exactly Yeti. If he had a better game in GF it could have been different.
Avoiding him and having the likes of Fyfe jumping all over him in contests may just swing it our way.
Then there is Cox...mmm.
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CaptSnooze Sean Darcy 2 years 3 weeks ago #21

Pearce could match up on either, at least in the defensive half. Is the only matchup I can think of to give Lobb a chopout, if Darcy doesn't play. Would have to do a 3rd man up on Mason Cox I think.
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moodindigo Sean Darcy 2 years 3 weeks ago #22

If Darcy is his opponent, Grundy will score 500 supercoach points.
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Raglan Matt Sean Darcy 2 years 3 weeks ago #23

Raglan Matt
Which is great for the supercoach experts, but means nothing as far as real footy is concerned.
( By the way, I think the term used is "AFL Fantasy points", which is a better description, IMHO)
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Eggy Sean Darcy 1 year 10 months ago #24

This is the guy I don’t know about. When I first saw him play I thought he was faster and a natural footballer. I had hopes he would improve and tear a game apart.

First game back I thought he was good, last week against Sydney second rate or maybe 211 just looked good.

I hope he improves to take the mantle from 211
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CaptSnooze Sean Darcy 1 year 10 months ago #25

I saw him make a 50 metre sprint late in the game, to try and cover an outlet from Sydney's defence. You could almost feel the ground quake. Also, he got a couple of kicks out of clearances. He'll get better and better I think.
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expat Sean Darcy 1 year 10 months ago #26

Watching Darcy run is like watching the old Michael Jackson moonwalk.
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cletus Sean Darcy 1 year 10 months ago #27

When he first came in, he had a go and did what he thought he had to do.

In general, that was see ball, get ball....and in his first year we had no other options through injury. He had freedom to "have a go".

Now it looks like hes under strict orders about "what hes allowed to do."

When he stuffs something, I've notice him "putting his face to his hands/slapping his hands to his head", as a signal that he did something terribly wrong, or, he knows that what he just did affects his opportunities next week (read : Back to Peel)

Just dont think he's playing on instinct' like he did when he 1st came in. Looks likes he's playing "under strict rules"...and is worried about what a mistake will cost to his place in the side...
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Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

Raglan Matt Sean Darcy 1 year 10 months ago #28

Raglan Matt
I agree, Cletus. It is not only Darcy suffering either. Freo management would do well to look at the last 3 years of NZ's Silver Ferns netball team. They had micro-managing coaches in place, and players were too scared to play the game. Noeline Taurua came in this year as coach, and within 6 months has turned them from Commonwealth Games also- rans into World Cup champions. With the SAME squad of players. Simply through allowing players to "play the game in front of them" Freo can do the same thing, but not if 8 of our best 20 players leave.
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cletus said You Beaut