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moodindigo Full forward 9 months 4 days ago #1

I've always been skeptical of the calls for the forwards to stay at home and not flood back etc, but I watched the North v Geelong game on the weekend and noticed:
(I) Ben Brown stayed well forward even when the ball was in North's backline. The result was he took a number of marks on the lead and converted.
(II) Even more striking, on a number of occasions the camera shot was wide enough to see that Tom Hawkins was usually standing in the actual freaking goalsquare when the ball was in Geelong's defensive half. Same result. Marks on the lead and goals.
(III) No complete defensive failures seemed to result from these radical moves.
(IV) I have no fourth point, but IV is one of my favourite roman numerals.
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rogerrocks Full forward 9 months 4 days ago #2

If you are confident that the team can move the ball down the ground without the help of the full forward, then leave them in the goal square. If you think you might need them to take a strong mark on the wing, then they need to get up and help. There are times when Kennedy and Darling get back into their defensive 50.
I'd love to have the luxury of leaving a fast leading forward in the square.
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Raglan Matt Full forward 9 months 4 days ago #3

Raglan Matt
We have plenty of players who can take a strong mark in the middle. That is not our problem, taking marks 30 meters out from goal is. Lets solve that problem, it can't be too hard.
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gidgegary Full forward 9 months 4 days ago #4

Collingwood are setting the tone. It's either young Stephenson or young DeGoey that's charging out of the goalsquare and straight at the kicker and it looks impressive. Sadly, we won't see that from our team whilst Ross is the coach.
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CaptSnooze Full forward 9 months 4 days ago #5

Both Adelaide and Richmond were setup in the leading zone, but we have to be able to make defences accountable, for the forwards to lead, and the kickers to be able to honour that lead.
Preferably, channelling my Raglan M., leading at the kicker.
Morgan over to you buddy
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goodie Full forward 9 months 4 days ago #6

You also need players that can thread pinpoint passes into a very congested area. We don’t have many of those players.
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Raglan Matt Full forward 9 months 4 days ago #7

Raglan Matt
We do, Goodie, they just need to keep up their practising, like our goalkickers.
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goodie Full forward 9 months 4 days ago #8

I disagree. We have a few players who are elite kicks of the ball but not many. It has been an achilles heel (calf?) at Fremantle since day dot.
West Coast snatched a flag last year primarily because every single player on the team can kick well.
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moodindigo Full forward 9 months 4 days ago #9

I tend to think the strong mark on the wing part might fall to someone other than the final forward target (ie to what used to quaintly be called the "centre half forward"). So maybe Hogan, for argument's sake. Having taken the strong mark on the wing, he can turn around and either kick to a leading player who has stayed forward (the "full forward": remember them?) or feed the ball to someone running past to carry out the same kick. Either way, there's someone to kick to.
We have the cattle now to try this sort of crazy stuff at least some of the time, I would have thought.
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hypen Full forward 9 months 4 days ago #10

There is this cult that has crept into modern coaching whereby its a form of heretical sin for some coaches to be outnumbered at the contest. It just cant happen, the question of what comes next once all your numbers prevail and you ultimately end up turning it over as you have limited options to pass to is lost on the zealots.

Its not lost on Clarkson, Hardwick or Simpson.

Watch when we play Hawthorn, its like playing Chinese Checkers.

How many times have we won inside 50's and contested possession but lost badly?

Contested ball is not as important as shots on goal.
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KingKepler Full forward 9 months 4 days ago #11

Our best win this season was against GWS and it was proof our game style can produce a winning result.

However many things need to go our way for this to happen:

1. Defensive pressure and luck to restrict the opposition from efficiently scoring. GWS kicked 11.16 in that game and didn’t kick well on goal. Had they converted more they probably would have won. Our defenders need to play out of their skin to produce this result.

2. We have to convert nearly all our chances when going inside 50. Our major goal kickers vs GWS were Matera with 4.0, Hogan 3.0, Walters 3.1 and Taberner 3.3.
It is unrealistic to expect this kind of conversion on a consistent basis particularly 7 goals and 1 behind from two small forwards.

3. We have consistently to mark the ball on the wing and near the boundary rather than it being turned over or hit of bounds. Hogan took 14 marks and Taberner 13 in that game which once again I think is unlikely to be replicated regularly especially when opposition coaches know this is key to stopping us. They just double team our marking ‘forwards’ on the wing and stop us linking up play. We also took 20 marks inside 50 to 4 which could be put down to poor defence from GWS. Based on other results I think it will be rare we take that many marks inside 50.

4. Mundy and Fyfe have to stay fit or we get slaughtered. There is little flexibility I our game style to win without both of them having a big impact.

5. The umpires have to give us a fair go more often than not because we play in a lot of tight low scoring contests.

Unfortunately I don’t see all of these things coming together in enough games to finish high on the ladder.
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The_Yeti Full forward 9 months 4 days ago #12

Ha hypen,

They still burn heretics at the stake.

Egurls Suck!
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Mushroom Full forward 9 months 3 days ago #13

Heretics? What about non-Roman-numerallers...ahem...KingKepler?
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Morgan Full forward 9 months 3 days ago #14

If we had someone like Hawkins or de Goey on our list, and Geelong or Collingwood’s midfield, I would probably advocate for them to lead from the square too.

Who would you suggest we clear space for to lead from Freo’s goal square?
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