TOPIC: Freo v Richmond

pollyanna Freo v Richmond 6 months 1 week ago #85

I don't want to look at heat maps, all I can think is:
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Specs said You Beaut

mac Freo v Richmond 6 months 1 week ago #86

This game showed we are Game of Thrones "Winter is Coming" !
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walba Freo v Richmond 6 months 1 week ago #87

The repetitive whinging about Lyon not “coaching” skills is tedious in the extreme. Players are not robots whose skills can be corrected by coaching adjustments. A player’s skill level is the major component of the player’s ability. Either they have it or they don’t . And too many of the Dockers don’t have the required skill level and just aren’t good enough.

With practice an ordinary player might marginally improve their skill level but will never become elite. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

Lyon’s main failing, like that of many coaches, is killing spontaneity with over coaching and “structures”. There are three criteria for a good coach, First, picking the right players, secondly, playing them in the right positions and thirdly, having the players wanting to play for the coach. Then it’s up to the players and their individual abilities (skills) or lack thereof.
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goodie said You Beaut

KingKepler Freo v Richmond 6 months 1 week ago #88

I’ve got no problem with our effort when we don’t have the ball. The problem is we end up working just as hard when we do have the ball due to forcing a contested style of play or crappy use of the ball making it easy for the other side to defend. This includes high kicks up the boundary line and into the forward fifty. It also includes players congregating in the wrong areas in anticipation of a stoppage or contest rather than running and spreading to the right spots.

The new club mantra should be work hard in defence and work smarter in attack.

As silly as it seems I feel less anxious and more assured when we don’t have possession of the footy than when we do have it. I guess this could be a sign of my cheese sliding off my cracker.........but I think it’s more a product of the years of watching an extremely painful method to move the footy to our goals.
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cletus, CaptSnooze, freo00 said You Beaut

Suker Freo v Richmond 6 months 1 week ago #89

We lost it in the midfield. You need at least 4 high contributions from mids. We let tigers barge through the middle too easily. Our first touch ball handling was poor. Our kicking to anyone, leading or not, was poor. They were aggressive when going forward. We tried to be but not clean enough.
That's it for me.
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rogerrocks, CaptSnooze said You Beaut

Sunny Freo v Richmond 6 months 1 week ago #90

Richmond today had 4 (I think) young West Aussies in their team. The commenters mentioned that Peter Sumich thought Sydney Stack was the best player in the WAFL when he was picked up by Richmond. I hope we can look what’s right under our nose before we go too far afield in the search for talent.
Most of the teams this year have young new players to the game that seem to be skilful from the get go and play well for their team from their first game and only IMPROVE with more game time. Our coaches seem to get skilful young players (cos that’s why they are picked obviously) and turn them into hesitant, fumbling, slow to make good decisions players who look like they are not enjoying playing their natural game of football.
Haven’t Collingwood and Richmond coaches taken on board suggested changes to their style of coaching and benefited from it. I wish our coach would do the same.
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DazzElle, Raglan Matt, Corporal Agarn, freo00 said You Beaut

Mushroom Freo v Richmond 6 months 1 week ago #91

No, we lost it when the ball left the midfield going forward.

The forward kick was a side foot slew or floater to a contest that went to ground.

Richmond got numbers to the ricochets and ground balls then worked well to create the continual overlap free man where Freo ran one or two at the ball carrier leaving them in no man’s land in between as Richmond continued 20 to 35 metre passing forward then ran rings around us in the forward 50.

The number of Richmond scores starting from at or even within the Freo 50 arc was an embarrassment.

Freo have a game style characterised by snot forward setup and pass the buck to the next bloke rather than create something myself.
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CaptSnooze, Fremantle Tragic said You Beaut

White Freo v Richmond 6 months 1 week ago #92

All I know is that I do not want this season to end with a win loss ratio that results in there being conjecture as to whether Ross Lyon stays or goes. As in, "His record doesn't quite warrant a neglectful, knee-jerk sacking." Winning something like ten games would be the worst possible result. I think I'd actually prefer lesser success, and the decision to be definitive!
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Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

purplepower Freo v Richmond 6 months 1 week ago #93

Fact is we have brought in Lyons to win a Premiership.... .his win ratio is 87 wins to 76 losses at Freo pretty simple really..
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Gerovich Freo v Richmond 6 months 1 week ago #94

Winning something like ten games would be worst possible result.

I’m no fan of Roly but prefer to win 14 and make a decent showing in the finals. No love for the man but I want success for the club and I don’t want wait until he has gone. If it’s 10, it’s not enough...
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rogerrocks, CaptSnooze said You Beaut

Raglan Matt Freo v Richmond 6 months 1 week ago #95

Raglan Matt
Freo could have picked up all 4 of those young WA players that Richmond grabbed, but to what purpose? I remember when we traded for Wilson, and we were excited, a skilled, hard running, tough half back. What did Lyon see as his job? Take the kickouts, which means he has to hang around inside the defensive 50. Most of our players have the skills required, that is why they were picked, but those skills need to be honed, not forgotten. And for those who say the players should do it in their own time, stop making excuses for the coaching shambles.

Get Summa back in now, at least he will develop the young players.
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Fremantle Tragic, DazzElle, freo00, Sunny said You Beaut

Docker by the Sea Freo v Richmond 6 months 1 week ago #96

Docker by the Sea
Very dejected today.
I expected to win, an undermanned team at home, a four and three record, perfect weather and apparently in form.
I was hoping to bring last weeks effort and add the polish, we didn’t.
We seem to be clueless once we exit the defensive 50. We are wanting to play on at every opportunity but seem rushed and botch the skills to carry it out.
These few weeks were always going to be a test, at the moment we are failing. What I was hoping and reality may be sinking in.
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Raglan Matt Freo v Richmond 6 months 1 week ago #97

Raglan Matt
DBTS, we rush to get the ball forward now, but as Brereton pointed out, our forwards are still either running away from the ball-carrier, or going to the boundary, to ensure a boundary throw in if the mark is not taken. Richmond backed their smalls to win the ball if it hits the ground, we didn't. So they kicked to dangerous spots, we didn't.

It is no good getting to the centre then having to hold the ball up until all our forwards have remembered where they are supposed to stand, (according to Thursday nights "simulations") and then go forward again. Allow our players to play the game as it unfolds, coz sure as hell, it is going to unfold far differently than the coaches box have planned for, on many occasions.
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CaptSnooze, freo00 said You Beaut

rogerrocks Freo v Richmond 6 months 1 week ago #98

Cletus, on Blakely you say, "Yeah, right!....and sitting out this weekend would have done him a great deal of good. Does this mean he's not going to be picked next week because he needs more WAFL games??"

But you were a bit selective on the quoting of Roly. He did say about Blakely not having a game this week, "No, they did a match sim (simulation) today that he would’ve punched out. In some ways (he could have) been in more contested efforts than a lot of our guys were today, so we back ourselves in the conditioning."

But overall on the game I thought Bradley Hill was far less influential than he usually is - didn't seem to be able to change direction quickly. A lot of the mid tier players were down. I thought Richmond moved the ball very well, and were slick and well drilled. Not necessarily more skillful, but more likely to be in the right place. They hustled better in the stoppages, and as so often happens when you do that, the ball bounces for you. We were unlucky to cop them just as they are getting back into form. Still, it gives the young guys a taste of what they should be doing.
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CaptSnooze said You Beaut