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TOPIC: Mid Season Draft

ICONDOCKER Mid Season Draft 10 months 2 days ago #15

There’s probably a German word for it that combines the financial commitment with the collective decision to draft said player.
Brayshaw and Cerra’s draft position and the promise to trade first 22 players sees Conca and Colyer get a game in round 1.
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Suker Mid Season Draft 10 months 2 days ago #16

The Higgins suggestion does show up our ruck stocks in a bad way. But you know you would get a big brute who would throw his weight around. I thought Darcy was going to be our big aggressive brute, but he looks sort of too thoughtful this year. What has happened?
And the word on Shultz has been he is a goalkicker!!!! Geez, say what. He may turn out to be but right now Crowden, North and Sturt are in form...play them.
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demo1 Mid Season Draft 10 months 2 days ago #17

Cletus - Both Valente and Sturt came to us like all other draftees have lately (apart from Brayshaw, Cerra & Giro) needing surgery and a hell of a lot of conditioning.
Sturt was a cricketer and had never done a pre season in his life - give him time. He was unfit and required attention to an injury.
Valente despite dominating under 18s had groin issues so the club decided it best to "re-build" his running technique.
The players jokingly call him Tin Man as he meanders around Cockburn looking like a man needing to take a dump.
Not sure the Human wrecking ball Jason Weber has done that before or just read that Hawthorn did a similar thing with Cyril a few years ago to stop him pinging hammies.
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slammen, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

Corporal Agarn Mid Season Draft 10 months 2 days ago #18

Corporal Agarn
Good summation Demo. Weber the low performance manager. Don't know how he keeps his job.

On the mid year draft matter, we don't actually have a spot available.
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Freo66 Mid Season Draft 10 months 2 days ago #19

We will when Sandipants retires.
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Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

Dockermus Mid Season Draft 10 months 2 days ago #20

Can we expect the announcement soon?
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Walter the baker Mid Season Draft 10 months 23 hours ago #21

Walter the baker
Cletus, I’m not sure I totally agree on Crowden. I liked his effort and he may yet become a regular but I don’t remember seeing a lot of skills on display. I think it’s a long bow to blame RoLy for Crowden’s situation.
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