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Jooter The 'Freo Rule' 4 years 4 months ago #43

A lot of dribble has been said about how we are ‘tanking’. First and foremost, it’s not ‘tanking’. That is when you deliberately try to not win to gain a better position, on the ladder, in the draft, whatever. Whoever takes the field against Port will be expected to do their best to win, no question about that.

There’s also been a lot of dribble about the effects of resting key players. We did this in 2013 and came out firing against Geelong. After winning that game, we had a week’s rest, and we came out at home against Sydney in the prelim and that got us to the GF. What’s the difference now? Not much as far as I can see. Rest your best (and tired) players this week, win the QF, rest, then play the Prelim here. That puts us in the best position to make the GF. After that, well, like we saw in 2013, we gave it a red-hot crack, but lost.

But the key to this year is that when we’ve played well, we’ve blitzed teams in the first quarter. BTW, I reckon the template for this started with Port in their 2014 final against Richmond. That game was basically over in the first 10 minutes.
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Raglan Matt The 'Freo Rule' 4 years 4 months ago #44

Raglan Matt
Davo, the genuine punter will have taken into account who is likely to line up for each team, and all other factors into account before deciding whether $1.50 or whatever the odds on Freo, is a good bet. The corporate bookies and their advertising is aimed at the type of gambler who bets without doing his form, so they collect easy money. Hence my comment that they may as well be on the pokies. I do follow the horses, and have bet on them on occasion, and do understand the difference between a punter and a gambler.

On the mark Jooter, all sides are resting players who are not fit enough to take the field whenever they get the opportunity. Freo have managed their season so that the opportunity comes at the optimum time for the assault on the finals. Some other sides who would like to rest players, cant afford to as they could lose ladder position and finals advantages. Tough titties to you all, Freo have been in the same position in the past ( 2006) and no one felt sorry for us.
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BobDocker The 'Freo Rule' 4 years 4 months ago #45

Blah blah blah is all I hear
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Beacy boy The 'Freo Rule' 4 years 4 months ago #46

Beacy boy
Slow day at the office so, just for interest, thought that I would check out who in the top 8 actually had the benefit of the draw by playing the bottom 6 twice.
Freo 1 (Melbourne)
Slime 2 (St Kilda and Gold Cost)
Hawthorn 2 (Carlton and Essendon)
Sydney 1 ((Gold Coast)
Richmond 2 (Carlton and Essendon)
Adelaide 2 ((Brisbane and Gold Coast)
North Melbourne 2 (Brisbane and Essendon)
Western Bulldogs 3 (Brisbane and Essendon)
Probably what you would expect.. NB Port Adelaide did not play any of the bottom 6 twice.
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Beacy boy The 'Freo Rule' 4 years 4 months ago #47

Beacy boy
Western Bulldogs 3 (St Kilda, Brisbane and Melbourne)
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bpurple The 'Freo Rule' 4 years 4 months ago #48

Yeah but I don't think anyone thought Port would be as crap as they were and the same could be said about GCS. By the same token did anyone see the Bulldogs, WCE and GWS performing as well as they did? Of course the team who appears to have upset the "expert's" the most is Freo. We were supposed to slip to seventh or miss the finals damn it, how dare we have the temerity to finish top of the ladder. A real mixed bag this year with those teams touted to be big improvers again still floating around the middle mark (Tigers, Roos, Pies etc.).
The thing I find astounding is the two teams immediately below us are still regarded as a better chance to make the GF than us.
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Dockerplus The 'Freo Rule' 4 years 4 months ago #49

I'm waiting for our boys to unleash mayhem in the first week of finals to see the reaction of the experts and scribes; those same people who cannot distinguish one freo player from another.
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prefect The 'Freo Rule' 4 years 4 months ago #50

I think it's a bit of cheek for us to be playing in the finals when we haven't beaten anyone above us on the ladder..
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