TOPIC: What I learnt: Round 16

Freofred What I learnt: Round 16 4 years 5 months ago #29

Sheridan settling in?? He can't hit a target. Look through the replay at his kicks ,over the head ,bounces in front target , flies off the side of the boot. He couldn't get a game for brisbane. Elite runner maybe good kick not!!
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Raglan Matt What I learnt: Round 16 4 years 5 months ago #30

Raglan Matt
I) Tabs, a couple of times held the ball in a marking contest far longer than Henderson and Cruiser had to to get paid marks, call from umps "play on", had his arms chopped another couple of times, call from umps "play on" once he becomes a genuine superstar of the game, I imagine these marks and frees will be paid.
ii) Advantage rule as applied to Freo: If a free kick is paid ,advantage taken as the Freo player with said advantage is tackled to the ground, play on, ball goes to opposition before advantage is called, play on. If the ball goes to a Freo player 50 yards in the clear streaming in to an open goal, bring it back. The reverse applies to all other teams in the comp.
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Docker by the Sea What I learnt: Round 16 4 years 5 months ago #31

Docker by the Sea
I am not convinced that Sheridan is a better option than others in the 2s. Worried that Mzungu may lose his way after not getting reward for repeated BOG's in the WAFL (this based purely on raw stats from WAFL). Taberner would appear to be our best option forward and should be persevered with. Signs of getting our ball movement back still lacking the confidence and intensity that we had earlier, have faith that we can produce it against the Tigers this week.
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DockerKnockers What I learnt: Round 16 4 years 5 months ago #32

Regarding Pavlich in the centre occasionally, I think it's something they are playing with, when Freo are struggling to get the ball inside 50 and are losing the clearances (or resting Fyfe). If/when we play Hawthorn next, you'll see it a bit.
Pavlich is one of the few big forwards that has the ability to compete and win a centre clearance. He adds a big body that can hold position when the opposition go man on man (and pushy) in the middle.
Personally, I do not like Walters in the midfield. He is far too light. Hawthorn simply pushed him aside to win clearances.

Having said all that, I used to cringe when past Freo coaches would run Pav in the midfield, because we needed him in the forward line. But better use and form of players like Taberner and Griffin (Sandilands/Clarke), will allow Pav to swing in the centre now and then (when we are being bullied out of centre clearances or Fyfe is injured/resting/heavily tagged/swung forward).
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Morgan What I learnt: Round 16 4 years 5 months ago #33

Gidge, there are some things to like about Tabs, but there are two things that worry me about him: first, he doesn't seem to judge the ball in flight very well, which is a concern for a key forward (compare, for example, the way A Pearce seems to get to the right spot as a defender). Second, he isn't really elite at any one thing. Physically, he's neither big nor fast. He has good endurance, and he's tall, but being tall only helps you if you can read the ball in flight.

In a very limited sample, Apeness looked a more likely type. He got his hands to the ball at the peak of his jump, but was too skinny to guard space and really clang his marks. But the signs were there that a couple more summers in the gym will see him improve. I'm not sure Tabs, with his body shape and age (22) has too much physical development in him. Game sense and timing might improve, but physically I think he is what he is.

I think Tabs can be a solid contributor, and I absolutely agree he should be given every chance to grow and prove himself, but my feeling is that if he's playing on the best defender for the next 5 years he's going to get towelled, and by pinning our hopes on him to lead our attack will lead to a backlash against him if he's not up to it.
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timmeh What I learnt: Round 16 4 years 5 months ago #34

Apeness is a chance to return before the end of the season now, his recovery is ahead of schedule, but might be odds on to return to the seniors however.
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Docker by the Sea said You Beaut

Noddy What I learnt: Round 16 4 years 5 months ago #35

Taking into account there are very few Kpp who reach full potential until their mid twenties. Taberner is exactly what we need, endurance, good leap and kicking technique (he likely should have been paid a great pack mark in the 1st qtr last night) and his skill at ground level for a big guy I would say is actually better than what Pavs has ever been. While we may not have a Carey, Tredrea or Brown those type are few and far between. In the style of game played today, constant up and back, I'm looking forward to seeing Tabs playing for us. Apeness was talked up at the start of the season but he also when fit and given a chance hasn't excelled overhead, but again he's relatively young.
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Raglan Matt said You Beaut

Bizkit What I learnt: Round 16 4 years 5 months ago #36

I. Carlton are really bad, such poor skills on show for most of last night.
II. Son Son deserves more credit for marking that wet ball.
III. If Hendrix had of put in the same performance as Griff (in better conditions than Hendrix has had in the past 6wks) then everyone would be calling for his head. I didn't think Griff added any more than Hendrix and this was against a crab side with few tall players to compete against. I do however rate Griff highly, just not as a KPF. He's a ruckman.
IV. Tabs is our best option forward but Morgan is right, he struggles and I don't see a big future for him. I expect my key forwards to take marks but his judgement isn't great and his hands are not clean.
V. Pav will enjoy the day we get a full four quarters of decent conditions.
VI. Hill is a machine everyone should go to the footy to watch. Does some amazing stuff with ball in hand and could be a good addition off half back to replace MJ's disposal.
VII. I'd really like to see Yarran off half back for us in 2016. He looks disinterested for the Blues but when he gets it he can do fantastic things. I still remember watching him kill every small forward in the game a few years back with ease while providing immaculate rebound from defense. Pair him back up with his mate Son Son at Freo Bondy.
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mule What I learnt: Round 16 4 years 5 months ago #37

Morgan - some good points but I think it's problematic comparing marks as a forward with marks as a midfielder or defender. Defenders usually have a team-mate helping clear the contest and they don't have as many opponents spoiling the mark .
Tabs seems to clink them better up the ground which may illustrate the point.
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Noddy, Raglan Matt said You Beaut

larkin What I learnt: Round 16 4 years 5 months ago #38

I thought Griff went allright - added a bit around the place and in the packs - not bad for first game back in the ones.
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point less What I learnt: Round 16 4 years 5 months ago #39

point less
We really miss MJ
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Morgan What I learnt: Round 16 4 years 5 months ago #40

I hear what you're saying mule. But even midfield players have different aptitudes for marking. Take our three tall midfielders: Fyfe, Mundy and Barlow. Fyfe and Barlow track the ball in flight really well, but Mundy, as good as he is at just about everything else, just doesn't read it in flight as well. How many 6'3 midfielders spend absolutely no time forward?

It's early days, but Tabs looks more like a good athlete who is tall, rather than a good tall forward. Whether it's judgment, instinct, or whatever, I'm not convinced at this stage.

But the thing about young tall blokes is that it's foolish (and unfair) to rule a line through them before their mid-twenties, so I hope Tabs makes the leap.
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mule said You Beaut

Raglan Matt What I learnt: Round 16 4 years 5 months ago #41

Raglan Matt
Elite at one thing was what made Sylvia, Anthony and co such great bargains, I'd take Tabs who is pretty reasonable at most things
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exceed What I learnt: Round 16 4 years 5 months ago #42

Never has a first ladder position showing 13 and 2 been more misleading. Starting to remind me of the connolly days when i used to leave the game scratching my head and wondered "how did we win that".
Thankfully Carlton were more woeful than us with their skills.
Now for Richmond - If we play like that it will be embarrasing.
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