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DockerKnockers Teams: Freo v Brisbane 5 years 1 week ago #43

Bizkit, "core stars remained" ... that's the same as saying Harvey still had the core stars of Freo in 2010 that were there in 2006 (which was 14, pretty much the same as Ross's situation).

Only about half of the 2010 Grand Final St Kilda team were regulars in 2006.

And regarding St Kilda's supposed list of high drafts ... they had Riewoldt (#1 2000), Koschitzke (#2 2000) and Goddard (#1 2002). Their next best draft pick was Dal Santo (#13 2001).
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Bizkit Teams: Freo v Brisbane 5 years 1 week ago #44

I backed those 3 players in over fringe players to make our best 22 and without going into details. They could've contributed well but didn't work out for various reasons. Neale I don't remember ever saying a bad word about although I definitely have had strong opinions about Sutcliffe's decision making and disposal under pressure. None of them were far off the mark and yeah I stand by them, I don't think they really prove much either except I have a lot of opinions on players.

Every team hits and misses with their trading and drafting. The Saints were well set up through the early 2000's and along with us were set to dominate the next decade before injuries hurt most of our KPP and mids to drop us back a bit.

Of course there are no guarantees in football, you can still get a very good idea of the future based on the present and while Roger is a massive loss we are yet to replace, the rest didn't contribute a lot that season (Hase, Headland) or were easily replaced. I think you would be hard pressed to find a Freo fan or any football supporter who thought Freo weren't well on the rise.

The difference is those around them and the quality of the players DK. While our top 5 were competitive we didn't have the depth of stars like the Saints. They also picked up plenty more talent the likes of Ball, Hayes, Milne, Fisher and many others who were if not very high up the draft should have been. They were all +10yrs players who were very good and achieved plenty.
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Raglan Matt Teams: Freo v Brisbane 5 years 1 week ago #45

Raglan Matt
An earlier thread of a couple of weeks ago listed an under 25 Freo side that would go close to if not beat the remainder of our squad. It would also trouble most if not all teams in the comp. That bodes well for our future, and seems to vindicate the development processes in place for our young players.

No-one would have said that Fyfe would be THE superstar of the comp in 4 years after his first couple of games for Freo, and the path followed by Hill, Neale, Walters Pearce and Ballantyne is similar. We have picked up a few useful trades over the last few years amongst the often quoted duds, but what doesn't seem to attract the same attention is that we don't seem to have let any very good players slip through our fingers.
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Montrachet Teams: Freo v Brisbane 5 years 1 week ago #46

Wish Roly would play clancee on the other back flank. Would be tough to Pierce the defence.
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expat Teams: Freo v Brisbane 5 years 1 week ago #47

Now back in the moment...
Does the BLT (Brissy Lions Team) have a chance of losing by less than 40 points and if Blakey is a gun, will he have a shot at the Hawks next week?
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larkin Teams: Freo v Brisbane 5 years 1 week ago #48

I'm happy to say I am impressed with Roly. His game plan is copied by many. He is loyal in public to his players and backs them in and doesn't mind sharing a loss with some self criticism. His coaching panel has brought on players and he is happy to develop youth even though we have a well stocked cache in the waiting. He's been able to cover for injuries and we don't hear any negatives from the players and they don't appear to get into bad situations too often. Not only that we win games and close ones – in fact we expect to win tight games. In recent years he has added Tabs, Sheridan, Sutcliffe, Hannah, Neale, Crozier, Alex brought back Peace and helped make Walters a star and even 211 is playing better. Once in the team he gives his players every chance to develop and doesn't mess with their heads by moving them in and out too often. Though of course some movement is necessary – and sometimes for reasons we know nothing about. And for the first time in our history every player on the field, the bench and another 4 or 5 outside could come into the team and do a professional job. We can go tall or small, the players are tough, skilled and seem to know what to do and don't suffer too many injuries. Our only weakness this year has been the leveller of a greasy ball. And in a recent interview he explained that he has a minder who gives him feedback on his own performance. His team is not a perfect team but they are pretty bloody good and they can get better.
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Duges66 Teams: Freo v Brisbane 5 years 1 week ago #49

Larkin whilst there is plenty of merit to what you have put fwd I reckon Gu would argue with "doesn't mess with their heads by moving them in and out too often"
Unless we just apply the doesn't move him in too often part of it.

For Duff to come back in after his 2 less than ideal performances with Peel - yet Gu can't after his 21 touches effort v GC then backs it up with 26 touches 6 tackles 1 goal for Peel R14 then that must come under the "for reasons we know nothin about"

Given Gu, Crozier & Sutcliffe are not listed as playing today for Peel then perhaps one may come in for a tall if expected conditions for Sunday are correct.
Surprised at least not 1 of the 3 are playing today, again must come under the for reasons we know nothing about.
And that's the thing we, the card carrying/cash injecting supporters, are the club at least that's what we're told, so why can't we the members be privy to some of these reasons?

Expat if you're asking coz you're flirting with taking sportsbets $3.50 for Freo by 1-39. My advice is stop flirting right now.
If we can't beat Brizzy by 40+pts at home with the extra 2 days break - them a 2015 rabble without there #1 ruckman Martin, Rockliff & Hanley then we are traveling worse than we want to admit & quite a few of us will need to remove the purple lenses.

As for Weller or Blakely playing next wk - doubt that very much based on Roly's track record.
Unless of course (which I doubt very much given the recent bye) he sends the B-mantle team to Tazzie which for mine would be an insult to everyone involved with the FFC yes members included.
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thegeniusthatis Teams: Freo v Brisbane 5 years 1 week ago #50

I don't think Masten has no talent, and in terms of turning things around - see organ grinder and monkey - i just think he's a [email protected]#$.
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Raglan Matt said You Beaut