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Quiexo Teams: Freo v Brisbane 5 years 1 week ago #29

Just back to the game this weekend, Clarke, Tabs and Duffman in the final team, Hannath, Crozier and Sutcliffe out..

Still no Gu...
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LoyalSupporter Teams: Freo v Brisbane 5 years 1 week ago #30

Have you already forgotten Wet Toast have the softest draw in history, the umps in their pocket and an amazing free kick count in their favour? It's very easy to have a "potent" forward line against all the bottom teams. Whom have they beaten? Last second last, third last, fourth last ... etc.

Ninthmond is the only team of note and they played like muppets that evening.
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Snail Teams: Freo v Brisbane 5 years 1 week ago #31


Zac Clarke, Paul Duffield, Matt Taberner .............dont know how you could fit 3 bigs in but there it is!!
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dddocker Teams: Freo v Brisbane 5 years 1 week ago #32

Clarke, Duffield and Taberner IN
Mzungu, Crozier and Sutcliffe EMERG
Hannath, Crozier and Sutcliffe OMIT

Basically Duffield preferred to Mzungu for this game. Obviously Suban, De Boer, C.Pearce and Sheridan hold their place ahead of the Gu. What this says is that 8 players are vying for 5 spots re mid-size defenders/midfielders/forwards. Obviously RL thinks the players he has in are the best match ups against the BLs.
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DS Teams: Freo v Brisbane 5 years 1 week ago #33

Duffield is a "big"?
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Snail Teams: Freo v Brisbane 5 years 1 week ago #34

I was referring to Sandilands, Clark and Tabner - i cant fit them all in and have a running emergency/red vest guy.I dont know what the Gu has to do as well as Blakeley who is an absolute gun!
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exceed Teams: Freo v Brisbane 5 years 1 week ago #35

Sutcliffe is a surprise in that RL has seemed to favour him , despite some really poor games. Has really looked soft at times in his bodywork. Was turned around badly last week by De Goey and just simply out-bodied and out run by his opponents. He has never been an elite kicker but he has got worse as the weather has turned.
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slammen Teams: Freo v Brisbane 5 years 1 week ago #36

I'll tell you what they have to do , Be patient.
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purple mao Teams: Freo v Brisbane 5 years 1 week ago #37

purple mao
Still don't understand the preference for Sheridan. He ranks well behind all of Gu, Sutcliffe and Crozier in my opinion.
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Bizkit, Corporal Agarn, somethingstupid said You Beaut

pollyanna Teams: Freo v Brisbane 5 years 1 week ago #38

I still don't understand how anyone could think that 'Maston has been turned around' - kinda like a marshmallow-whippy-dip thing, or what?
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Bizkit, shane, maddyt said You Beaut

DockerKnockers Teams: Freo v Brisbane 5 years 1 week ago #39

Fre_Doh, you don't play Brett Peake or Robert Eddy in your 2010 Grand Final team if the 2007 St Kilda list you inherited is full of talent.

Bizkit, out of the 35 players that got a game with St Kilda in 2006 (the year before Ross took over) 20 of them didn't get a game under Ross in 2010.
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Bizkit Teams: Freo v Brisbane 5 years 1 week ago #40

The core stars remained to carry them and they are the ones who you rely on. Not the interchangeable also rans on the edge of the 22 who can be swapped out for blokes like Eddy.
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goodie Teams: Freo v Brisbane 5 years 1 week ago #41

Ross Lyon got it wrong in last years finals. Going in tall against Sydney after a week of very heavy rain was crazy. Our talls were poor, we lost the game, and the next week were overrun by a fast Port. Season over.
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ChewyBoot Teams: Freo v Brisbane 5 years 1 week ago #42

Bizkit, you definitely have had plenty of gripes about the bad calls you think the coach has made.

However, what would our team look like now if every call you made over the years was right. Lower, Michie, Sylvia would have to be in there. Neale and Sutcliffe on the other hand would have had too many chances, in the same way Sheridan and Taberner are having now. I suspect that you'll say those players you were backing were the right calls at the time.

St Kilda made some costly decisions in the latter part of the Grant Thomas coaching tenure with regard to trading away high draft picks, and had some bad luck with existing high draft picks constantly injured (X Clarke, McGuire).

Amongst some other dubious trades (How did Heath Black get back to play his best football for Fremantle for instance) try looking up the names Fergus Watts (son of the St Kilda CEO at the time) and King Island legend Barry Brooks. Peake I would suggest got games because Andrew Lovett was traded for a 1st round pick, then delisted.

There's no gaurantee a team after appearing once in finals will play repeat finals. Fremantle and Richmond supporters would know that. One of the difficulties both coaches faced after 2010, is that the squad of that year that finished 6th included players such as Tarrant, Morabito, Hayden and Haselby/Headland who never came back, and arguably, haven't been replaced by players of similar talent.

What we could be seeing with Port Adelaide in 2015 is that expectations are often too high, similar to other pre-season premiership favourites in the past. ( West Coast 2013, Western Bulldogs 2011, Hawthorn 2009, Fremantle 2007 - all missed the Final 8.) We were convincinly beaten by Geelong in the 2010 finals, so I'd modify the optimism of where you think we were at the end of 2010 with the reality of 2011 - and then an improved ladder result in 2012 season with similar amount of injuries to 2011.

Referring to a point that has been talked about earlier in the thread re: selection vs Brisbane, and that is that young players can make an impact in finals in their first season if they're given a crack at it. Would have thought Ross would have an understanding of that, given how he's often quoting examples from history, but he's too methodically conservative to risk it.
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