Dockerland Budget: Fremantle v Carlton

To save people forking over their hard earned money to the AFL in exchange for a magazine that gets bigger every week, making it harder to get to the only part you actually want - the names of the players, we've introduced the Dockerland Budget.

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Things Just Started To Get Serious

It’s late Thursday afternoon Football in nearly August, which traditionally means that the finals are in view and it’s time to bring out the big guns. So, after naffing about in St Kilda a couple of weeks ago, going on a bit of a holiday for four days and then getting a good dressing down from the coach, Fremantle look ready to hit back and force their way to the top of the ladder using the skulls of Carlton blokes. Hayden Ballantyne, Aaron Sandilands, Garrick Ibbotson and Stephen Hill are the designated cavalry, with Luke McPharlin expected to actually play this week. Anthony Morabito has been heave hoed along with Griffin, Sylvia and Taberner with the club so angry with their performance last week that they couldn’t even bring themselves to make up calf injuries for the four.

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You Be Ross: Fremantle v Carlton

Ross Lyon has his sights set on the flag this year but he's the sort of bloke who loves to get feedback from the general public, good or bad. So if you really want to be a true supporter of the club, then make sure you shout stuff out to him at the ground and give him some pointers on how to get this coaching caper done. But before you do your duty as a member and hurl advice in the direction of professional coaching staff, make sure you know what you're talking about or they might just right you off as a nutjob and miss out on some choice advice. Work the board, move the magnets around and when you think you've got it sussed, start practising yelling "Hey Ross! Ross! Put Sandilands in the goal square for a rest!"

Lee Spurr
Zac Dawson
Tendai Mzungu
Blaine Johnson
Lachie Henderson
Dale Thomas
Cameron Sutcliffe
Luke McPharlin
Michael Johnson
Brock McLean
Jarrad Waite
Marc Murphy
David Mundy
Ryan Crowley
Danyle Pearce
Chris Yarran
Nick Graham
Sam Docherty
Stephen Hill
Chris Mayne
Nat Fyfe
Kade Simpson
Simon White
Bryce Gibbs
Hayden Ballantyne
Matthew Pavlich
Lachie Neale
Zach Tuohy
Sam Rowe
Michael Jamison
Aaron Sandilands
Cameron Wood
Michael Barlow
Tom Bell
Nick Suban
Chris Judd
Zac Clarke
Matt de Boer
Andrew Carrazzo
Garrick Ibbotson
Paul Duffield
Levi Casboult
Tommy Sheridan
Hayden Crozier
Ed Curnow
Matt Taberner
Dennis Armfield
David Ellard
Matthew Watson
Kane Lucas

StatsClouds: St Kilda v Fremantle can't trust them. The Romans knew what numbers were up to and wouldn't have a bar of them. You can put your faith in a nice sturdy X but a 10, it's shifty. The only thing more iffy than a number is a statistic, they'll cut you open and rob you of your kidneys before you can say "aren't you supposed to drug me and put in a bath of ice first?". Unfortunately we're hooked on numbers though, we need them to work out how many kicks David Mundy had this week...and probably some other stuff too. The Dockerland Labs spent the summer pondering the problem and eventually, when the cricket was over, the fridge was empty and the clicker broke in everyone's pen, they came up with a solution - the stats cloud. A quick glance and you'll pretty much know everything about a game of football that there was to know, at least all the boring bits about it. The bigger the player's name, the more kicks, or marks, or tackles he had compared to his teammates. 

Lachie Neale Lee Spurr Zac Dawson Michael Johnson Tendai Mzungu Chris Mayne Matt De Boer Matthew Pavlich Matthew Taberner Luke McPharlin Anthony Morabito Michael Barlow Cameron Sutcliffe Zac Clarke Nick Suban Ryan Crowley Paul Duffield Danyle Pearce Nathan Fyfe David Mundy Jonathon Griffin Colin Sylvia
Lee Spurr Danyle Pearce Nick Suban Colin Sylvia Anthony Morabito Matthew Taberner Luke McPharlin Zac Clarke David Mundy Matthew Pavlich Tendai Mzungu Zac Dawson Matt De Boer Nathan Fyfe Ryan Crowley Paul Duffield Cameron Sutcliffe Michael Johnson Chris Mayne Jonathon Griffin Michael Barlow Lachie Neale
Jonathon Griffin Lee Spurr Tendai Mzungu Matthew Taberner Cameron Sutcliffe Lachie Neale Nathan Fyfe Zac Dawson Paul Duffield Matthew Pavlich Ryan Crowley Luke McPharlin Matt De Boer Zac Clarke Nick Suban Michael Barlow Danyle Pearce Colin Sylvia Anthony Morabito Chris Mayne Michael Johnson David Mundy
Michael Johnson Matthew Taberner Chris Mayne Lee Spurr Jonathon Griffin David Mundy Cameron Sutcliffe Luke McPharlin Matthew Pavlich Anthony Morabito Paul Duffield Nick Suban Matt De Boer Colin Sylvia Lachie Neale Michael Barlow Zac Clarke Tendai Mzungu Nathan Fyfe Zac Dawson Danyle Pearce Ryan Crowley
Lachie Neale Tendai Mzungu Matt De Boer Cameron Sutcliffe Nathan Fyfe Anthony Morabito Paul Duffield David Mundy Lee Spurr Michael Johnson Michael Barlow Ryan Crowley Colin Sylvia Luke McPharlin Jonathon Griffin Matthew Taberner Danyle Pearce Chris Mayne Zac Clarke Matthew Pavlich Nick Suban Zac Dawson
Ryan Crowley Michael Barlow Cameron Sutcliffe Tendai Mzungu Michael Johnson Chris Mayne Matthew Taberner Nick Suban Jonathon Griffin Danyle Pearce Luke McPharlin Lachie Neale Lee Spurr Paul Duffield Zac Clarke Nathan Fyfe Zac Dawson Matt De Boer Colin Sylvia David Mundy Matthew Pavlich Anthony Morabito